Construction Table vs. BIY Table

Product Comparison

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BIY Table
Construction Table
Used for shaping and fastening of timber-frames. With BIY table only partly in steel.
Edge Stop
For simple but precise angle adjustment of timber-frame.
Right Angle
Pneumatic Cylinders
Inlaid Tape Measures
Support thick beams and paneling. With construction table laterally movable, with BIY table fix.
Height-Adjustable Edge Stops
For positioning of cylinders and other accessories. With BIY table only perforated rail with reduced flexibility.
Hole Grid
Ease of installation and dismantling of table. Also makes extension of table possible at later point in time.
Modular System
Base Versions
For a level work surface.
Levelling Feet
Put your elements upright distortion-free. Also for production of dormers at the right angle.
Hydraulic-Tilt Base
With limited space, the table can be pivoted, which quickly clears space for other work.
Pivot Base
Laser Marker
Foil Cart
Purlin Angle
The perforated rails of the BIY Table can be purchased longer than 3 m, but later extension is difficult.
Table Height Extension
Can be used to divide the table in several work stations. With the construction table, it can also be adjusted at any given angle.
Angle Stop
only 90°
Quick-Release Stop
Roof and Ceiling System
Pressing System

Construction Table for Higher Output

Starting from a production of 4-5 buildings per year, the construction table is preferable in efficiency, precision and saving of time. This is the result of a long-term study with our clients.


BIY Table for Tight Budgets

The BIY table is ideal for small and young companies, which want to step into prefabrication gradually. Investment is low, productivity high.


Robustness and Precision do count

With the years it has been demonstrated that the construction is considerably more robust. Even after years, timber-frames are produced in just the same quality.